Cool and refreshing with slightly tangy flavours, complemented with feta cheese and kalamata olives, serves as meal on its own or as a salad

Cool and creamy, Tzatziki is a a tangy cucumber yogurt dip flavoured with with garlic, lemon and herbs served as a dip or a topping

Roasted eggplant with a slightly tangy and smoky flavour

A savoury feta cheese spread mixed with roasted red hot pepper, delivering a pleasant heat, for lovers of salty, cheesy dips or spreads with a spicy kick

Lemony citrus, earthy chick pea flavoured dip great that goes great with Pita Bread or vegetables

Caviar, lemony, salty spread, that can be used a dip or spread

White or whole wheat, has a light and simple wheat flavour complement by heating it in a pan with oil olive and spices, can be served warm on its own but usually used for dipping or as a gyro wrap

Kalamata Olives are in a red wine vinegar, which give the olives a tangy red wine vinegar and soft olive flavour

Fine texture lean ground beef and pork meatballs with gentle oregano and herb flavours that give a light heat and earthy herb taste, with a crispy on the outside but soft inside texture, usually complemented with Tzatziki

Tangy, slightly salty, and with a mildly sour, soft cheese flavour

Lightly salted aged cheese served hot and soft with lemon juice squeezed over it